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MK Lider company was established out of passion for furniture and sales. The owner of MK Lider Magdalena has been involved in the furniture industry for many years – she comes from a family of furniture makers, as her late father Piotr Krajewski ran a furniture company since 1995. Grandfather Henry was also a carpenter. Observing the changes in the industry over the years, the owner of the company decided to start her own business.

Thanks to many years of experience in the production and sale of furniture, we know that corporate interiors are not just about buying products – they also improve the comfort and efficiency of daily work.


The office is the place where you spend a significant part of your day, so we believe that what desk you sit at matters.

An optimally decorated interior, will take care not only of the image of your company, but also the health of your employees. Often an obstacle to working freely in the office is poorly chosen furniture that does not meet basic ergonomic requirements.

Our furniture is designed so that you can feel comfortable in your workplace. A well-decorated office will ensure that even after 8 hours of work, you won’t feel the physical fatigue caused by sitting at a piece of furniture that is poorly designed and unsuited to the user.

With customized solutions from our suppliers, you will create a perfectly planned work environment that closely matches your business profile.

If you need help, we can help you design and arrange rooms where users can use their potential to the maximum – in the office, cafeteria, locker room, workshop or warehouse, even in public spaces. We use the best models of contract service in B2B relationships.


MK FURNITURE offers products of a new line of multifunctional office furniture – MK SMART FURNITURE. We offer you dedicated smart solutions at attractive prices along with professional advice. Please check our offer and the catalog.


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